Vendor FAQ
  • Global application software and services platform. Multidimensional network, software, design services market
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STV software technology vendor
1.INET seller benefits
INET seller register and upload software dll file to INET platform.
INET seller owns 70% sales revenues
2.INET seller's revenue settlement
1. Sign up for free
2.Report sales revenues monthly
3.Quarter settlement
3.INET software uploading and pricing
Uploading software DLL file by adding attachment when apply to become INET seller.
Offer the icon image of software .
Fill in the profit information and detail introduction of software.
Pricing by seller yourself
4.INET platform introduction
5.INET liability waiver agreement
Seller should promise having the copyright of the software, sign the liability waiver agreement with INET, when it comes to copyright disputes, INET will not undertake any responsibility.
6.Popular software demands
Hospital management system
School management system
Hotel management system
Club management system
Health& fitness management system
Image editing software
Chat management system
Inventory management system
Restaurant manage system
GPS system
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