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1.ISV-PM Platform introductions
1)ISV Platform
ISV Platform( is global application software and service B2B2C platform, supply various kinds of technology, software and website products, customers can automatically place orders or submit customize requirements through ISV platform.
2)Servicepa Platform
Serviepay platform( is software management and payment platform, it connects with ISV platform.
PM system(PMall)is a project management system built on the Servicepay platform, it can manage orders and projects form ISV platform, publish and assign projects to vendors. Vendors can enter the PMall to search and apply for software, website and other projects, when applied successfully, the PM system will assign this project to the only one vendor to produce.
What's the differences between ISV-PM platform and other outsourcing companies, freelancer platform, GetAcoder platform? What's the advantages of ISV-PM platform? (←Ask , Answer↓)
1)ISV platform is an app and service B2B2C platform, all the projects published in the PMall are traded and paid,
   no need to negotiate with customer any longer, all the projects are assessed by our platform's third party
   assessment, the price will be fairness and justice.
2)ISV platform implements standardized process for clients to submit their requirements lists, all the needs of
   projects are very clear, if clients want to add new functions or completely change demands, their new demands
   will be estimated and asked for this part fee.
3)Project Management System( PM system) will monitor the projects schedule during the overall process, ensure the
   rights and interests of customers and vendors.
4)Global projects, cycle short, earning high.
5) If you have some completed software or website products, can sell them in our platforms, promotion and
   advertising for free.
6)ISV is a global software and service B2B2C platform, customers from more than 170 countries and regions. ISV
   has cooperated with many native government agencies and multinational companies, well-reputed.
2.How to become formal tech-vendor?
Tech-vendor stands for Technology Vendor, as exclusive technology vendors of the ISV platform. Ordinary vendor can apply a qualification to become Tech-vendor, take over projects from the ISV platform, complete project and earn bonus.
PM mall: you can see our projects here.
When you find in the PM mall, there are projects you are interested, and want to take over it, please pay the vendor membership fee, when you passed, can become a formal tech-vendor of ISV, have qualification to view the details and undertake projects.
Tech-vendor register and work flow
Register ID→ Become a Tech-vendor member→Take over project in the PM mall→Pay the cash deposit→Carry out project and complete before the delivery time→Reap money rewards
Tech-vendor membership fee and cash deposit(performance bond)
Tech-vendor membership fee: 600 USD/ year (payment by installments )
Cash deposit(performance bond): 200 USD
Why need Tech-vendor pay for membership fee?
Our projects are already traded items, what the vendors need to do is just to complete the project on time and with good quality. So we need to charge reasonable membership dues to prove the technology vendors are really willing to undertake long-term and stable projects cooperation. ISV will sign an agreement with paying members, to protect the security of customer information, free member will have no right to view projects details.
3.Why become tech-vendor?
When you become a Tech-vendor member, can have right to participate to carry out projects, look for project details and Money rewards in PM mall and also can evaluate projects. .
Tech-vendor can reap all the money rewards when they complete project on time, one member can take over at most 20 projects per month, if you want to take more ,just buy extra projects at servicepay app store.
What can you gain when you become our vendor.
1) we provide you projects which have already made a deal, you don't have to waste you time to bargain with
   clients about the price and projects details. All you should do is finish the projects at our standard demand.
   So our tech-vendor mode will continually provide you quality projects and make sure your stable income.
2) you products such as templates website such as Wordpress、Magento、Joomla or other software products like
   ERP/CRM can sale at our platform- iNET and SHOPSTORE, we have a powerful sale team sale for you and each of the
   clients purchase you can enjoy up to 70% of the benefit.
3) you can take part in our cooperation projects with foreign clients.
4) you can grasp the market and know which software products and services need most.
5) you can shear you technology knowledge and skills with global technology enthusiasts though our ICOLLEGE video
   share platform, and you can enjoy up to 70% of the benefit.
Filially, you can enjoy our occasional free technology and management training.
Join us you can obtain: undertake projects from PMALL + 70% benefit of INET products sale + 70% benefit of ICOLLEGE video share + oversea cooperation opportunity. SO why are you hesitate, join us enjoy the new adventure.
4.Tech-vendor member, Hourly rate
ISV will evaluate Tech-vendor's hourly rate, according to Tech-vendor's technology and experience. When the Tech-vendor choose one project in PM mall, they can calculate their project working time.
Project Working Time=Bonus Amount ÷ Hourly Rate
*Project working time is the net time, not including the time of waiting for clients checking and modification, not the actual time. The actual delivery time will be show on PM system, display the time's count down.
How does ISV platform examine and verify the projects?
When the completed projects functions consistent with customers' requirements, will be confirmed.
5.Cash deposit
The cash deposit of each project is 200 USD .
When Tech-vendor take over one project and pay the cash deposit, can begin the project. During the project in progress, the cash deposit will be frozen by the PM system, won't be thawed until project complete.
If the project can't be completed on time, the system will deduct deposit, the standard is borrowed time multiply by 0.3USD/H, the PM system will take back the project when the deposit is 0 USD.
Why need to send the deposit?
The deposit paid before the start of the project is a temporary deposit, when the project start the deposit will be frozen, after the project ending on time, it will be returned to the vendor. Margin is to ensure that projects will not abort, the project is completed on time and with good quality, ensure that the interests of customers.
6.How to guarantee receiving funds from the project on time?
When the project traded and paid,the project payment will be deposited in the Servicepay platform and be frozen, after project confirm delivery, ISV will require customers to check it in 15 working days, if timeout customer still no response, the project management system will automatically confirm. Project payment will be automatically credited to technology providers Servicepay account.
7.The confidentiality agreement .
Before project starting, Tech-vendor should sign the confidentiality agreement, promise the security and secrecy of client's project information.
8.Popular technology demands.
Website programming projects (English website, multiple language websites) website develop
Technology demands: PHP,, Java Script develop, database develop.

Mobile App development projects English version app develop
Technology demands: IOS, Android

Graphic design projects webpage design, graphic design, flash design, 3D model, 3D flash design
Technology demands: Photoshop、Coreldraw、Flash、Fireworks、AutoCAD、dreamweaver、3DMAX、Adobe Illustrator、
FreeHand、Corel Graphics、Adobe PageMaker、AutoCAD

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